The Perfect Jeans To Fit And Flatter Your Pear-Shaped Body

Let's consider what you need from your jeans when you are pear shaped before looking at some specific, highly suggested jeans for pear shapes.

  1. You need tapered jeans

When looking for jeans, the biggest challenge you have as a pear shape is that many of them are too snug around your hips and thighs but gape at the waistline. The good news is that there are jeans available that are made to taper in at the waist rather than being straight up and down in order to flatter curves.

  1. Jeans With A Darker Wash Typically Look Better

You probably want to balance out your figure if you have a pear shape. A fantastic approach to achieve this is to wear darker wash jeans on your lower half and a top that is brighter in colour.

  1. Bootcuts And Flares Are Your Best Looks

Wearing bootcuts and flares will do a wonderful job of balancing your hips and providing you a nice silhouette, which is another great tip for balancing your figure.

  1. Your Waist Will Be Flattered by High Rises

High rise clothing is frequently made to taper in from the hips to the waist. Additionally, they will emphasise your trim waistline because you probably have a narrower waist than other people.

  1. Seek out Jeans with Stretch

The ideal pairs of jeans are frequently ones with some flexibility to the fabric because you need your pants to hug your curves and then narrow to your waist.

Best Jeans For A Pear Shaped Body

Now, let’s take a look at some specific styles you could choose…


Curvy Wallflower Bootcut Jeans

The mid-rise waistband on the WallFlower jeans (below) is tailored to prevent gaping. The fabric is strong, they create a pleasing fit, and they are available in a variety of lengths and sizes, according to reviews. They were even dubbed the "ideal pair of jeans" by one wearer.


The VIPONES jeans (below) are a fantastic option for pear shapes as they have a high-waisted design and a cut that is intended to produce a "buttock-lifting" impression. They also contain stretch fabric to help with the fit. There is a wide variety of blue and black colours, and women claim they fit them well. Many people claimed they are long, so if you are tall or want to wear heels underneath, they would be good for you.


Good American

If you are an hourglass or a pear shape, good American jeans are a terrific option because they are expressly made to flatter curves. They are a smart choice for dressier or more casual days because they are black.

Boden flare jeans

The flared cut of the Boden flare jeans (below) is universally flattering and highly in style. They are made with a loosened hip and thigh for extra room.


  1. Crew Curvy Jeans

The J.Crew curvaceous jeans are another another excellent choice . They are made to conceal your hips, thighs, and bum while still giving your waist definition.