5 Chic Outfits to Copy for New Year’s Eve

The New Year's Eve celebration is joyous, the company is wonderful, and the champagne is flowing, so it would be the perfect occasion to flaunt an outfit. The way you finish a year should matter just as much as the way you begin a new one, after all.

To make this a night (and year) to remember, check out these 5 New Year's Eve looks.

1. Little Black Dress with Tights

Your little black dress is the kind of wardrobe staple you can always rely on because it is flattering and elegant. Invest in a pair of polka-dot tights and don your black heels to complete this chic look. Pull your hair to the side for maximum effect, make a statement with your purse, and spend the evening with friends and watching fireworks.

2. Velvet Blazer and Skinny Jeans

Everyone is aware that velvet is this season's hot trend, and New Year's Eve is the occasion to make it count. Your favourite black skinny jeans, a pristine white t-shirt, and some easy to wear, fashion blogger-approved leopard-print shoes should all be worn with your velvet blazer. Add delicate gold accessories to finish this ensemble, then start the party!

3. Sweater and Pleated Midi Skirt

The realisation that pleated skirts are the key to every feminine appearance is (perhaps) the most significant epiphany of the past year. The combination of a sweater over your pleated skirt creates a stunning combo that will make you feel comfortable as well as stylish. Grab your clutch for an added touch, and put on your pointed-heel heels for the finishing touch.

4. Faux Fur Jacket Over a Camisole

This straightforward outfit combo looks best with a camisole in a neutral colour. Add a stylish faux fur jacket to modernise it. Your go-to black booties will always work when it comes to footwear. The choice is yours, and the night is yours as well, whether you wear the jacket on both shoulders or just one.

5.Sweater Tucked Into Sequin Pencil Skirt

Not all things that shine are made of gold — but your sequin skirt can be.

Stay festive with a snug sweater tucked into your glittery pencil skirt on New Year's Eve, a night famed for falling confetti and glitter-decorated backdrops. Add a pair of strap heels of your choice to complete this flirtatious style, and allow yourself to shine just as brightly as your attire.