8 Styling Concepts from Fashion Bloggers That We're Stealing

Here are eight tips for looking like a fashion blogger, even when you’re not.

1. Layer up on the jewels

 Ignore your fear of a little sparkle! Grab a few more necklaces or choose a gaudy pair of earrings to dress up a basic ensemble rather than wearing your typical watch and studs.

2.Mix completely unexpected pieces

It's time to get creative in your own closet and blend unexpected pieces because the finest bloggers always have new style suggestions. Try wearing your wide-leg track pants from athleisure with a high heel. Alternately, put your thin boho dress over your jeans. Fashion is always renewing itself and reminding us that it has always been personal, so develop your own look by frequently mixing and matching your favourite silhouettes.


3. Iconic Sunglasses

If there's one thing I've discovered through all my browsing, it's that a stunning pair of sunglasses is essential to really pulling off an ensemble. Instagram is flooded with colourful, vividly coloured frames, from aviators to the classic cat eye. If you want to be mistaken for a fashion blogger everywhere from a coffee shop to a rooftop brunch, you need some expensive sunglasses.

4.Off the Shoulder Jackets

Now adhere to my guidelines: Put a jacket over your shoulders, whichever one you're feeling. BOOM. I'm done now. You appear to have just returned from a meeting with Anna Wintour (without the stress). When I want to add a little additional flair to a more straightforward look, this is my go-to style. Using this trick, you can also wear jackets that look wonderful on you but may not be as flattering in person.

5. Nails on Fleek

Your nails can't be broken, chewed on, or covered in polish smudges while your photographer partner is stalking you around with a camera all the time. The only way to feel put together and perhaps even a little like Beyonce is to have clean, fresh nails. You must get your nails done, whether they prefer acrylic claws, soft, nude tiny fingers, or just a shiny base coat.

6. Hats on Hats on Hats

The streets are covered in hats, from dad hats to conductor hats, all worn to hide poor hair days. Hats can be worn in every season and in any shape, adding the ideal finishing touch to your brand-new fashionable ensemble. If the idea of the now popular conductor hat makes you a bit queasy, stick with the traditional wide-brimmed panama hat. Add your shades if you're feeling particularly saucy.

7. Stunner Bag

You must accessorise in order to look like a fashion influencer, and an eye-catching purse is necessary for accessorising. If you look hard enough, you can find some stunning, one-of-a-kind bags at a very reasonable price. I am aware that we frequently carry the same neutral bag throughout the day, but for a date or a business lunch, consider wearing a distinctive crossbody or clutch.


Straight up confidence is the most crucial and last advice for dressing like a fashion influencer. The truth is that each taste is exactly that—personal. It need to be determined by what you enjoy wearing and what makes you feel most confident about yourself. This does not, however, give you licence to exclusively wear sweatpants when you're at your most at ease. Change up your usual look by experimenting with different styles, wearing bright colours, and walking confidently.